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Preorder for Cat Geocoin.


Please send you orders to this address: funvencoins@gmail.com

Don’t send your e-mails to my actual geocaching profile e-mail address! Those orders will not be accepted.


This information needs to be in the e-mail:


Real name

Your caching nickname

E-mail address (and your paypal address if it’s different, not necessary if you live in EU-zone)

Number of coins you want.

Shipping address


There will be 100 Limited Edition Black Nickel coins (limited 2 per person), 200 Limited edition Polished Gold coins (limited 5 per person) and unlimited amount of Polished nickel coins. All the coins will be trackable at www.geocaching.com and will have it’s own unique icon. This is only pre-order so the invoices will be send on later. The shipping dates will be issued later also. I will publish list with names who got the LE coins if they get sold out.


The cost of the coins:


Black Nickel LE: 14$ / 11,5€ SOLD OUTList of People who got the coin

Polished Gold LE: 11$ / 9€SOLD OUTList of People who got the coin

Polished Nickel: 9$ / 7,5 €


For EU-zone customers I rather take the money directly to my bank account (using Swift and Iban numbers) because it’s free in the EU zone.


Shipping and handling charges:


USA: 1,5$ + 0,5$ for every second coin


Canada: 2,5$ + 0,5$ for every second coin


Europe (exept Finland):


1 coin 2,5€

2-5 3,5€

5-10 4,5€

10-20 8€

20-40 13€


Finland: I’ll email the prices


Rest of the world:


1 coin 5$

2-5 7$

5-10 11$

10-20 18$

20-40 31$



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