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American Idol Contest

Team PEZ

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Is anyone else hoping that the gray-haired guy wins something on Idol? :D Back to the subject.... When are the winners going to be chosen? Or have they and I just dont know about them? :D


taylor hicks is my choice - when i heard him sing the first time, i chose him.


after each "elimination" show, those peoples names will appear who have been booted.


stay tuned until tomorrow!

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Well I missed the shows so I am at the mercy of a few friends who did watch. I got a message from my parents last night saying that they did not give me good advice. Lucky for me I did not take their advice. I am still not sure if I want to change my choice or not. :D Still have some time to think.


I wonder if this is like multiple choice exams....your first choice is the best?

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Patrick just looked like he didn't belong when I saw all the pics there.


As far as singing talent, he was in the middle of the pack. I really don't think he should have went this early. There are a handful of others who were more deserving to go home than him.

Yes, but we all know that what deserves to happen on that show happens in some alternate universe...

that we can't seem to get to no matter how hard we may try :D

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We have the following unactivated coins: *







World Geocaching



KacheKat & Kickin

Texas Winter

Misc coins from various people


Still looking for more donations...





* Subject to change due to senders ability


How's the coin collection doing?

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I though Elliot and Chris did best tonight, followed by Taylor and Bucky. Not sure who is going home, but as long as it's not these 4, I'll be okay with it. I wasn't impressed with anyone else tonight. Such a boring bunch of songs!


yea, why is everybody playing it safe?? i say rock on! show us that attitude. as much as i dislike brenna and her attitude (after all, she represents my home state of new york), you have to admit it - she is the one that most people are talking about. they will remember her.


just my .02 worth. we will find out tonite.


PEZ's picks:


females to leave: brenna and heather.

males to leave: will and sway



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Ok, even though I'm not in on this contest, I am addicted to American Idol. Just thought I'd throw in my predictions.


Gone tonight:

Brenna Gethers (let's hope)

Heather Cox

Will Makar

Jose "Sway" Penala


The next to go:

Melissa McGhee

Kinnik Sky

David Radford

Kevin Covais


My prediction for the final four:

Chris Daughtry

Ace Young


Taylor Hicks


Final two:

Chris Daughtry

Ace Young


And the next American Idol:

Chris Daughtry

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