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The Ultimate Gps Batteries


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I started with a Lorance Eagle GPSr (a long time ago)

Then I got a Garmin 12XL

Then upgraded to a Map 76, then Map76S, and now have a Map76CS.

It’s kinda like a security blanket, because it’s ALWAYS with me, and gets used and abused daily.

I always use the same brand battery and they have never failed me. This brand comes in Heavy Duty, Alkaline, Rechargeable Alkaline, NiMH, and Lithium and probably a couple more varieties.

I carry my GPSr in a “GPS Outfitters” case that has 4 pockets.

When the battery indicator on my GPSr says ”Hey! If you keep on keeping on, I’m gonna quit on you” I just respond by putting in a new pair, or used pair, or freshly charged pair, or nearly dead pair, or ???….but always the same brand.

Even being used daily, sometimes all day long, a pair of this brand sometimes last so long that I forget when the last time I changed them was. The next pair may not last as long, but then again they might last even longer….or the same….

If I put in a dead pair I just replace them with another pair of better ones and tell myself ”Dummy put the used ones in the “USED” pocket next time!”

Don’t be flinging them out into the woods. Be environmentally friendly!

This could only be one brand , right?

The brand is “The Ones You’ve Got Available”

You really knew that already didn’t you? That’s the same Brand that you’ve already been using!

Forget all that mah stuff and 1.23456 v stuff .

When you go out GPSing , carry several pairs of extra batteries. (but always be sure to carry only THAT Brand) and have fun.


NEVER have I been caught with dead batteries in my GPSr without having spares. Don’t leave home without them!

This is only Real World Logic….and all TIC (Tongue in cheek) :D:D:D

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Battery Ideas:


Heat batteries to 500 degrees, then toss them into the GPS, without burning the hands.


Potatoe battery power: Take some potatoes, with wires sticking in them, then hookup the GPS to the potatoes.


find some radio active batteries, and your gps will run for years.


WARNING: These ideas can be hazardous, except for the Potatoe battery.




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