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Garmin 60 Cx

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I have the caches I want to find on Easygps I have plug my gps in the usb port I press send & I get a pop up that says " gps Is not conneted " but the gps is conneted, & so is usb cable, then I go to look in the gps in the interface mode it say " not conneted "- "garmin " what am IDoing wrong. I have put caches on it before but will not work this time Help ??????? am I missing a step ????? :P

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Don't know if this will help or not, but I had trouble with mine not recognizing once also. I ended up removing the memory card and replacing it. Although I had not touched it prior to this, and it appeared securely locked in, after removing and putting it back in, all was fine. That was a couple weeks ago, and I haven't had any problems since.

Worth a try. Good luck.



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I had a similar thing happened to me. I installed the usb driver for my unit and all worked well. I then moved my usb cable to another port and my GPSr was no longer recognized. Strange! I reinstalled the usb driver with the unit plugged into the second port. All works well now.


Try reinstalling the usb driver.

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Hey guys just got off the phone with a garmin tech. he walked me threw a down load from garmin to get my gpsr & comp. to get to know oneanother he told me windows XP is very picky ???? anyway everything is well gps is connected to comp. threw USB port "Garmin Tech. support is the best "




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