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Newbie Here, Garmin Etrex A Good Gps To Start With?


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I assume you're talking about the basic "yellow" Etrex. That's what we started out with and to download waypoints, you'll need to purchase a data cable ($15 on ebay).


It's a fine unit and will get you to the caches. If I was going to do it over again, I'd move up to the Etrex Legend. It comes with the data cable and the ability to add street or topo maps.


The price difference isn't that great and when you're ready to move up a little bit, you can. The yellow doesn't really have anything to allow you to grow.

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The best price going to date. http://www.gpsonsale.com/garmin/products/eTrexLegend.htm $129.99! That's cheap.



Nashville, TN


I've seen it for under $120 on Amazon.com. Its $132 there now,but the price fluctuates.


In a few hours I will be posting my yellow Etrex, cable and carrying case for sale in the Garage Sale Forum. When I get home this evening, I'll post it there with pictures. Be sure to check it out.

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Bought my eTrex Legend at Wal-Mart for $132. No shipping or handling, immediate gratification! :)


While it's not an end-all, be-all GPSr, it suits my current purposes. Namely hunting and geocaching. I wouldn't mind upgrading someday to something more advanced that will let me easily do street navigation.



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If you are going to look at the legend, you should also look at the Magellan explorist 210. I has 22MB of memory for map and waypoint storage. I also has a better receiver than the Legend and includes a USB cable for data tranfers rather than the serial cable that the legend uses. It will cost a little more than the legend, but it is a lot more GPS for the money.

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thank you im gonna start lookin at the legend and comparing, thanks for replying


I just received my eTrex Legend 2 days ago. I found a price of $120 +$5 shipping at www.pricegrabber.com


It was real easy to get started using it. It has basic mapping, comes with a data cable. So easy - that I was able to download about 20 caches without even looking at the user manual.


- I like that it takes regular alkaline batteries

- comes with data cable

- works in my car - gives speed, direction and draws a line on the map as I'm driving

- easy "one hand" operation

- cool lookin' translucent blue case :P


The Legend C with the color screen would be easier to see.

The Garmin "60" series has a better antenna - better reception - which can mean improved accuracy.


-Cheers :P

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