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Out For Justice Geocoins Available For Pre-order

Geo Gypsy

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Should non-geocaching related coins even be posted here? Maybe this one should have been posted or moved to the Off Topic forum.


Who is to decide if the are "non-geocaching related coins"??

Just don't buy them!!!


For that matter what do coins have to do with geocaching :anibad:

What is all the fuss about :ph34r:

As as been said before, don't kick the dead horse :)

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I have been reserved to post here as to what I have found out about this coin this past Sunday at a local coin group gathering, but I hate seeing someone getting slammed for just trying to help another. GeoGypsy recently moved to Pittsburgh from AZ, where twinbabies currently resides. Gypsy was asked if she could take the orders of a geocoin and place them into a spreadsheet for twinbabies. Nothing more, nothing less. She thought twinbabies knew what she was doing since she has been buying coins and selling them on eBay. Since her only involvement in this coin was just the spreadsheet/orders, she did not know of the coin design, and in no way was to have any dealings with production, cost, shipping, or anything else. So she releases the coin's information to begin the orders and spreadsheet, as was asked of her. Make no bones about where I stand on this coin., I personally am from the side of "this coin has nothing to do with geocaching" and agree with the group that "twinbabies is just trying to make a quick buck off the coin frenzy". I think that twinbabies needs to come out and explain a whole lot to alot of people. Anyone sending money to her with all these issues is just way too addicted. Personally I will be surprised if this coin makes it all the way through production, but that's my opinion. Honestly we all knew it was nothing but a matter of time before we had an "outsider" come here to peddle their wares, but why is everyone so shocked? We have cachers doing the same thing, but they get a free pass since they hie and find tupperware? Gimmie a break. We have cachers who have become little more than coin making machienes in recent times. We have cachers making coins for area they don't even live close to. Any excuse to create a coin is used. I am not directing this at anyone in particular, so don't flame me about it if you think the shoe fits yourself. This is opinion and not much more. Hopefully this will be the begining to the nd of ridiculous coins coming out. It would be nice to go back to a time when you eagerly awaited a nice coin from such and such group representing their area. It would be nice to see new coins come out more infrequently. Most people have become numb as to what is coming out and just go through the motions and automatically order 1 of everything. I am willing to bet that people who complained and knew this coin was made by a non cacher for nothing more than profit, still ordered a coin. So in conclusion to this longest winded post by myself, I would ask that people give Gypsy a break for trying to help a begining cacher (her GPS is in the mail), and turn the real focus and questions to the real culprit behind this coin, twinbabies. I will now step down off my soap box and return it to the normal players. Thank You.

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I forsee the day coming when even the current gotta-have-them-all collectors start rejecting coins because they have no relevance beyond being trackable.


That day has already come, as I know of several former gotta-have-them-all collectors, along with myself, have given up on trying to collect every single coin out there. I still like cool looking personal coins, regardless of them being trackable or not.

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If I had to make a guess, I'd say this coin is indeed Geo-Gypsys and the negative comments in this thread upset her to the point that she created a shell account to redirect the flames. Just a speculation, but that's how I see it at this point.


That seems like a reasonable explaination, but that was not the right thing to do. She still is taking the brunt of the flames since she is the name associated with the coin and the person on the forums. And now on top of all the other stuff she has to deal with all the posts about the possible coin creating sock puppet account. She has gone from the frying pan into the fire.


It would be best at this point for either Geo-Gypsys or TwinBabies2000 to come here and clear the air.


That is my opinion.


I was not going to post on here anymore simply because I think this has gotten way out of contol and I think this topic just needed to die out but today when I was reading through the threads and read PAS post I regarding me posting I thought it would be the least I should do.


For anyone who knows me my name is Erika. I used to live in AZ and did alot of geocaching there before I moved to PA recently. I have only been into geocoins for about 4 months or so. I only collect states, countries and personal coins. That to me is what started geocoins and so those are the ones I collect. If someday I come up with a crappy geocoin I would not create a sock puppet to hide behind. I am not opposed to falling on my face and admitting defeat when it is mine to admit. I totally understand where everyone is coming from and in most cases agree with what has been posted.

I am not sure that it is fair to slam a newbie for a "geocoin" idea that she thought would be neat. Some people like the coin and some people do not and that is ok everyone is entitled to there opinion.

I am first a geocacher. I absolutly love geocaching. I could live without geocoins which is why I only collect certain ones. Someday I do plan on minting my own personal geocoin in which I plan to only trade. I am not into geocoins for the money so if/when I make my geocoin I hope to wait until I can afford to pay for it myslef so no one else will have to.

As for Twinbabies I know she has geocached before she just has never logged but she plans on starting to do so. Now I am not going to speak for her or her reasons for this geocoin or geocaching.

I just hope that although I initially opened this can of worms that everyone will indulge me in the fact that I am not twinbabies nor am I behind this geocoin or anything to do with it.


I am sure that anyone who knows me would vouch that I am not the type of person that some of these posts have made me out to be and that I am not behind this geocoin.

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