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Drawing Your Own Coin Design


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Actually, if your going to be hand drawing your design and will rely on the coin company to create the actual mint art, use a circle (square, oval, non-conventional shape, ...) that is as big as you can get it on a piece of typing(printer) paper.


Then draw your design in the shape.


This allows us artist to be able to clearly see what you are wanting on your design. If you draw them at actual size, then sometimes the details get lost in the process of getting your hand drawn image into digital format to send in an email. ("Especially" if it is a low resolution scan or picture took with a digital camera).


One thing to remember is to not get too detailed. (The exception to this is if you are going to have a 3D image as part of your coin.)

Remember, this design will have to be shrunk down to the finished size of the coin.

If you have something small and hard to see in the design on the full page drawing, then it is more than likely not going to be able to be reproduced to be clearly seen on the finished coin.


D-man :mellow:

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Does anyone have a template or outlines for a geocoin in .jpg or .gif format?


I'd like to get serious with drawing my design for my first geocoin.






There's just one problem though with starting into geocoins...



Sorry, I couldn't resist bringing a touch of "fark" to the forum.


I think Foottrax already has a coin with this theme! :P



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