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Travel Bug Mileage


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For over a month most tbs of mine and ones that I move have not been registering mileage. We have contacted Groundspeak about this and receive a form letter.."Jeremy is working on it, it will be resolved in a couple days". I would like to see this addressed with a realistic answer. I saw some bugs released at Christmas with mileage showing, the bugs we sent to New Zealand from Washington State show 0 miles. Hello...at $6.50 apiece it would be nice to have some support soon! ;)

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Jeremy ET AL have been updating things the last couple weeks, TB mileage apperently got busted/disabled for some reason. I think this affects all TBs, not just those released at Christmas.

Eventally it will be fixed, but since Groundspeak isn't good at setting deadlines, noone knows when. If you want a technical reply you might want to reask this question in the geocaching.com forum where Jeremy checks in more frequently.

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I see mileage is starting to reappear again. Problem is when the mileage tracking went down my personal travel bug had 12411 miles on it. I did well over 100 miles of caching while it was down, but now that it is back and miles are listed it didn’t add them to the total! Even hitting recalculate didn’t help.

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Try this folks - if you're the TB owner click on the recalc mileage button. If that doesn't do it then post the TBXXXX number here and we'll provide the list to Raine or Jeremy to check out.


Well that would be every one of mine. When I recalculate my TB's mileage it shows double what it should be. Like my personal TB coin shows 15,000+ miles but when I recal it will be 31,000+ plus I don't think the original 15,00 is right. It should be over 10,000 and maybe 12,000.

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Woody_K: It only seems to be wrong on the page where all of your coins are listed. On the individual page it appears to be correct. Odd for sure. :(


If I recalculate and then go to the page listing all my TB then it shows the improper mileage. Only when I recal is it wrong.

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When I look at my USA Geocoin Movin' On it shows 6404.4 miles - sounds right to me. However, if I click on Recalculate Distance it goes nuts and changes to show 10339.9 miles!!!


Now for a while I had a problem where this bug showed almost no mileage even though it had gone from California to Hawaii and then to Minnesota. They have finally gotten it to show the correct mileage - unless I try the recalculate link..... What's up with that?

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I was going to start a mileage marker for myself today. Now I'm wondering if I should wait till the miles are fixed for sure.


I wouldn't wait. They will get it fixed eventually. Besides if you wait you'll have to go back and log old finds or start it logging your miles at a later date.

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