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Should I Retrieve Tbs From Local Cache?


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In my local area, TBs don't seem to be doing so well. Most of the caches are micros, so most of the usual cachers in this area generally leave TBs when they find them in caches.


There is a large cache near my house at a popular tourist location. Unfortunately since Hurricane Katrina, tourism just ain't what it used to be! Not thinking of this, I dropped a TB into this cache on January 14. Two days later a visitor from CA dropped off another 4 bugs, and one was dropped off by a newbie local on January 8.


There have been no visits to this cache since January 16, and there are 6 TBs just sitting there.


There are several large caches about 1 1/2 hours away, including at least one TB hotel. Also we're possibly going on a trip in a few weeks, and the TBs could come with us.


So, should I retrieve the TBs and move them to areas with more active caches, or leave them there and hope someone hits the cache and moves them on? OR should I contact the owners of the bugs and ask what they want?


Thanks for any input.


~signed someone feeling very guilty about putting IdahoPuppy in TB prison

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