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I am trying to access the website www.oakcoins.com and it just isn't working. I want to activate a coin. Help




The www.oakcoins.com server was fried on Friday. This was due to poor grounding at the Datacenter Location. Watching smoke come out of a computer is not a pretty sight.


That being said, a new server is up and running. After about 24 hours and flying a part in, we were able to recover all the data from the old server. The new server is running a different operating system so converting some of the files has proved a little troublesome. This did not affect www.geoswag.com as that is hosted with another provider. Any and All orders are ok.


If you need codes, please feel free to email me, <email removed>





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I haven't been able to access www.geoswag.com all day, could they have taken it down to switch stuff over?


www.geoswag.com is on a different server. Looks like secondary DNS didnt pull to keep the site up.


We are resolving DNS now and making sure when the main DNS server goes down, www.geoswag.com stays up.


Once again, no data was lost.





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