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Garmin Gps 10


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I'm looking for a Bluetooth unit to use with my PDA, and I'm considering the Garmin GPS 10. I'll have to admit that after all the research I've done, I'm starting to have a minor brain meltdown. I've read on some websites that it is compatible with both Pocket PC and Bluetooth enabled laptops, but I thought that I also read somewhere that it can be used with a Palm unit. Does anyone know if this is true?


It's using Mapsource CitySelect as it's primary software for map transfer; it includes nRoute software for PC laptops and Que software for Pocket PCs, so I'm assuming that I can shovel some POIs over from GSAK just as if I were going to send them to a regular Garmin unit. (You'll have to forgive me-- I run an Explorist 500, so I'm not familiar with Garmin software.) Am I right?


If I can run the software on both my Palm and my husband's PPC and be able to load a boatload of caches, this would be an ideal solution. Then it won't matter which unit goes out with us. Otherwise, we have to decide which version of Mapopolis to run. They've got a package deal with a map card and a bluetooth unit, but it only runs on the Palm. If we go the PPC route, we've still got to find a separate bluetooth unit, which will run the bill up a little higher.


Can anyone tell me of their experiences with this unit?

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I picked up the gps10 deluxe (with the cityselect north america v7) from my audiovox 6600 pocketpc phone.


The Que software works well on the pocketpc, auto-routing, with voice directions. I've been downloading pocketgps gpx files, and using GPXSonar, as well as importing the GPX files into the mapsource, and transferring them to the que software.


Using the Que for geocaching isn't as nice as a normal GPS. There isn't the standard compas/arrow screen in the Que software. (Anybody know of any good pocketpc gps software which will read gpx files?)

Also, if geocaching, you need to find a way to carry the gps10 around too.



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We have a GPS10 and use it all the time with a PPC (or laptop) but only for in the car navigation. It would be a bit awkward to use for geocaching as a stand alone with the PPC. Although we use a 60cs for both navigation and the actual cache hunting, the 10 works out great because it is so much easier to do 'what if' look ahead things like routing and geocaches down the road.

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I'm primarily going to be using the bluetooth receiver for in-car navigation to geocaches, and if it works well, we will start using it during search and rescue for routing to staging areas. There are times when a staging area changes on the fly, and we may not have maps available for some areas, so the PDA maps with voice alerts would definitely be a major help.


Not to mention that I need a new toy to play with....

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