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Garmin Forerunner 305

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any body tested out a forerunner 305 or test model of the forerunner305 yet. been interested in it. who's going to carry them to sell?


life span by the manual is 10 hours

chargable by usb

the manual says it has a map screen and compass.


anybody think its worth it for geocaching?


you could get one of those military velco watch straps and it would make for a nice gps I think.

plus have a cover for it.


thanks in advance


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Specifically for geocaching? I'd say "no." For starters, the 305 is essentially a 205 with a heart-rate monitor (which is why the 305 costs ~$350 versus ~$250 for the 205). Unless you have an express desire to scientifically monitor your excitement upon finding a cache, the heart rate monitor probably wouldn't be useful.


Furthermore, the ForeRunner 101/201/301 series are fine for some people. I use a 301 (which is 201 but with a heart-rate monitor and USB connectiivity). I have been happy with the 301's accuracy for running. I'll occasionally carry my Magellan eXplorist with me in my CamelBak on very long runs and see how the distance measurement of the eXplorist compares to the 301 by checking the length of the tracking log on the eXplorist which is much more accurate than the stated trip distance on one of the menu screens. The 301 comes pretty close in distance to the significantly-more-accurate eXplorist, though the 301 is usually off by 2-5% in measurement. While that may not seem like much it equates to an inaccuracy of over half a mile in a marathon.


The Garmin ForeTREX, on the other hand, is a better buy for geocaching (as compared to the ForeRunner). The ForeRunner series does not utilize WAAS reception, whereas the ForeTrex units do. In other words, a ForeRunner might get you as close as 50 feet (further if you're under foliage) while the ForeTrex can get you within 15 feet or so.


None of the people I run with have had their 305's come in (been on order for a while), but I do know that the performance is not much different from the 301's and they still do not utilize WAAS.

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