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I'm new at GeoCaching and I was thinking of ideas of what I would like a Travel Bug to do. I'm an advid fisherman and so I would like a Travel Bug to travel to different lakes. The finder of the bug would go fishing, catch a fish, and place the TB in the fishes mouth, like it was used to catch the fish, snap a picture, and then place the bug in another cache. I would like to get the pictures though and I'm wondering how I would get them? Is there a special TB page that people would uplaod their pictures to, or would you just have people e-mail you the pictures they take?


If you could give me some ideas, I would greatly appreciate it!


Take care,

-Andy (mooka520)

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Interesting idea.


When somebody takes a picture of a TB, they can upload it directly to the TB's page. Once the picture has been uploaded to the TB page, you can view it in your browser and save a copy of it on your own computer.


If I was you, I wouldn't have high expectations for getting lots of people to submit the requested pictures (it's hard enough to just get people to move the bugs along, let alone take particular posed photos with them). But if you include a goal sheet along with your bug explaining what you'd like, perhaps you'll get a few bites.


[Hopefully a nice moderator can move this thread over to the Travel Bugs Forum?]

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Interesting concept. I just wonder the TB is going to start stinking after a while or if it would possibly attact some wild animal to the cache if it catches a scent of the possible fish odor it could pick up along the way.


I would love to find a TB like this. It would give me a great excuse to go fishing again which is something I haven't done in quite a long while.

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