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Dancingfool/crow Coins


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My coins arrived today :ph34r::blink::ph34r:

These coins were in production when the new guidelines were established so it may be your last chance to get a non trackable on this forum.There are around 100 available for trade or purchase.They are numbered but not trackable. The copper finish was for trades only and is not available.I am including a picture for those waiting for one


I am open to any trade for something I do not have yet.My list is in my signature line.

For purchase the coins are $7 each and that includes paypal fees and shipping. International orders will be $7.50 per coin Orders are limited to 3 coins per person.Please post to this thread and I will send you payment information so I can control the inventory.

For those who ordered and paid and those who have arranged a trade I will be sending them out as quickly as possible hopefully Monday 2-13.

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Lots of coin packages going in the mail tomorrow. Thanks for the nice comments, trades and orders. Some are getting a trackable foam coin as a bonus. There are a couple loose ends I am still tying up. Some trades and orders that I haven't finalized for one reason or another but most will go out tomorrow. If you requested coins and have not heard from me repost or e mail me. There are plenty still available and will ship immediately.

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Got my DF Crow copper and the DF 2005 trade today. Love that new one with the sanded finish and black design, it's quite striking and so different from everyone else, thanks!!


Received mine yesterday - I was really pleased with overall appearance of this coin ~ the black enamel on the textured finish really sets it off. And the Juggler on the back really makes it special ~ Two Coins in One.


I think it is an outstanding coin.

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