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Travel Bug Web Sign?

The Canning Clan

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We are releasing a TB on behalf of my daughters elementary school. I am wondering if anyone knows how to make a small sign to show on a web page that auto updates with TB location and last move date. Kinda like your own found stats box on your account page only for a travel bug.

If you're not sure what I'm trying to ask for let me know and I'll try to explain better





BTW I am familiar with Front Page for web page design

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Other than providing a direct link to the TB page, I don't think this can be handled in a fully automatic way without violating the GC.com Terms of Service (TOS).


But the good news is that TBs don't really move all that often. If you don't mind doing a small amount of manual work each time the bug gets moved, I've got a solution that I can suggest which might be what you are looking for.


Here's what I'm thinking:


1) We create a a TB banner image that has a couple of blank fields for miles traveled and and location. The image would be stored elsewhere, but your school's web page would just contain a reference to it.


2) Every time your TB moves (you'll get an email), you go to the TB page on GC.com, and make a note of the last known location, and total miles traveled.


3) Using a little password protected web based form (which I can create and host for you) you, or whoever you give the password to, enters in the mileage and location information each time the bug gets dropped in a new spot.


4) Using a little program (which I can create and host for you) the information you provided in the form is automatically 'painted' appropriately into the blank fields on the banner image we set up in step 1 above.


Then end result would be something that looks like this:




Since bugs don't move very often, the manual part of this process shouldn't be much of a burden. And because there is no site scraping or roboting hitting the GC.com servers, there is no issue with the site TOS.


I'd be happy to do this for you (no charge or anything). Is that the kind of thing you had in mind?

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CTD....that's exactly what I had in mind. I'm pretty sure I can put together such a "fill in and publish" form in Front Page which is the program in use for this page. I needed the idea put forth to get my brain going. The above banner is perfect.

We are starting this bug because we are leaving Nova Scotia and will dearly miss this country school and the staff in it. This is kind of a gift that keeps on giving. We are also putting up a world map in the hall.

I'll go yak with the guy that will take over the web page and ensure he is willing to keep up with the updates otherwise I'll stay involved with it even after the move.

I still will keep your offer in mind I may take you up on it. thank you very much, it's good to be part of a community where people are willing to give of themselves freely.

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You could also include this code on your web page,

and replace the ID with your bugs ID number.


You will find your Bugs ID in the URL of it's page:


Would that be considered harvesting?

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