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Latest Garmin 60csx Gripe!

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Here's my latest grip that I emailed to Garmin concerning the 60CSx. It could have already been touched on here but I'm still hoping everbody with a new 60CSx will bitch at Garmin enough, and maybe, as a result, some fixes will actually come to pass:


Along with several issues I've now discovered and emailed Garmin concerning, such as loss of the alarm clock function, no memory card icon or menu item, no multiple lap memory with the stopwatch function and no lithium battery selection, now I'm noticing to my dismay that the new "improved" 60CSx seems to no longer have the ability to record and graph barometric pressure with the unit turned off! Hopefully I'm wrong here and just don't understand how to do it. Is there a way. Please don't tell me that's no longer possible since that's one of my prime uses for it.

I think somehow I didn't make too smart of a choice by "upgrading" to the 60CSx from my previous 60CS!

Please give me some detailed replies to these issues, not the standard "canned" reply and a promise to pass this on to the design guys, at which point I never hear another word and nothing ever gets fixed. I've had this happen over & over with past problems over the years. I am a Garmin dealer, & would like to be able to reccomend Garmin's tech support, but my past few experiences is about to make me change my mind once and for all!

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