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Geocaching Adventure In Custer State Park

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The 2006 issue of Tatanka (the offical guide to Custer State Park) lists "Geocaching Adventure" as follows


Custer State Park offers an exciting oppotunity for visitors intrested in geocaching. Eight locations, scattered around the park, will serve as geocach sites. They could be anywhere, from a historical landmark to an exhibit within a vistor center. Participants are bound to enjoy the game-like adventure as they travel through the park's diverse natural and cultural sites. Most importantly, the game will lead you to several seldom-seen areas of the park.


To get started, just obtain a geocache list at the Peter Norbeck Vistor Center. The game begins 1 APR and concludes NOV 30 2006. Its not necessary to complete in one trip, just send it back to the park upon completion. Three winners will be selected by a random drawing of all successful participants and each will recieve a Custer State Park souvenir prize.


It's great "state sponsorship" of our sport.

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I would be more interested in them if they were listed on geocaching.com so I could download the coords into my GPS beforehand and have stats for finding them. This is a hint for anyone from the Game, Fish, and Parks scanning the forums for feedback. :P

I say thanks to Custer State Park for doing this. Who cares about adding a few more numbes to a count that means nothing in the long run. It is about the experience of finding the cache and enjoying the area it is in. CSP gets people to come visit, State officials can see what Geocaching is all about and that might open doors to allow more caches to be hidden.


On the other hand it would be nice to be able to download the coordinates ahead of time so you could be paperless.

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Wow! This is really cool. We are looking around as we may be moving to the Rapid City area. Nebraska should learn from this rather then being so stingy about Geocaching in parks, but again, with all the taxes they collect they don't need any visitors.


A simple free permit isn't much to ask........... I don't personally know of anybody being turned down. It is a very reasonable policy.

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