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I propose a category for giant cast bells which are located outdoors, in places generally available to the public.


Many of these bells have an interesting history, having been moved from their original locations high up in the steeples or towers of churches, courthouses, universities or other public meeting places. Since most of the bells contain a unique identification number, the history of the individual bells can sometimes be found without much effort. Many of the bells are displayed still suspended from their original 'yokes'. Some of the older bells which can be found in New England were manufactured in Europe more than a century ago.


Here's a few examples of some bells located in my own community:






Suggestions for variables:

Name of manufacturer

Date cast

ID number


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Sounds a bit like this one. :D

Um, well how about Butterfly Houses then? Is it too late to suggest Butterfly Houses? :D


Oh, wait ...




Honestly, I didn't see your earlier suggestion (and I didn't think to search, because I've kinda gotten out of the habit of using the search feature). Regardless, I still like the idea of the giant bells category. My thoughts were definitely along the lines of the large, outdoor bells found in public areas rather than a bell still hanging in a steeple or tower someplace.


I don't know about elsewhere, but in New England, I don't believe these are hard to find. There are 3 of these bells (all at least 3 feet tall) within walking distance of my office.

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I just saw this pop up and thought, hmmm! I like that idea! :)


I like the idea of bells in general, as long as they are on public display. Around here, they are only associated with churches or schools. But on a recent trip to California I saw bells everywhere! I think that this is a great category.

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