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Rewarding Honesty


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Greetings to all,


I received an email not to long after sending out all my silver bikinibottomfeeders geocoins that were preordered and payed for via paypal. This emailed informed me that the person didn't think that they had purchased any of my coins and that if they didn't then they would like to send them back. I checked and sure enough they didn't. I then told them to keep one for being so honest and to compensate them for the return shipping. >>>fast forward>>> Today I open a VERY securely shipped cardboard mailer containing not 4 but ALL 5 :D of the coins that I mistakenly shipped them along with a note that read as follows:



We didn't want you to lose a coin because of an honest mistake so we returned all five. However, if you come across a GCC benchmark coin perhaps you'll think of us with a friendly price.





This is amazing to me! Not only did they make me aware of my mistake but they totally fixed it for me and wouldn't take anything in return except consideration in BUYING a coin. Who are these people?? :D They must have excellent karma.


So if you are still reading this long post here is my request. I would like to reward these nice people from the east coast with a FREE benchmark coin. I am offering a BBF black nickel in exchange for you to send this couple a benchmark coin. I don't want it sent to me but if you email me and agree to do this for these wonderful people I will ship you my end of the deal along with an extra padded envelope with postage paid for you to ship it to them directly.


Please help me reward this honest geocacher/geocoiner.


If I don't get any takers on this then I will most likely ebay one of my black nickels and use the money to purchase them a benchmark coin myself.


Thanks for your consideration in this matter





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That's neat. Speaking of rewarding people, I just traded for a second Katrina so I could give it to someone.


When I e-mailed someone for a trade (it wasn't listed as "Keeping") he apologized for being unable to trade me the Katrina. He had it on the wall of his office because he served in the military down in Louisiana after the Hurricane and during when Rita came through. He told me what he did during that period, and it just seemed like the thing to do was to reward him with another coin. True the military gets paid, but that doesn't make it any less harrowing or stressfull, so I'll be sending him the coin later this week.

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I mailed four Finland coins to someone who had not ordered them. They emailed me and told me.


Worked out good as I had not sent a four coin order to someone who DID order them and the coins went from one to the other.


Isn't it a shame we are surprised enough at the honesty of folks that we comment on it. Are are we in geocaching a much more honest bunch than most?



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It just goes to show that the world is still chock full of wonderful and honest people. Thanks for sharing, BFF! On behalf of myself and "ThoseCoinGuys.com", I would like to throw in a bronze Ontario 2006 geocoin to those folks. Please email me their name and address to teampezNOSPAMatgmaildotcom.


Thanks for the great story, BFF!



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I would think that mosty of the people who are collecting would do the same. This group is pretty good. I'm thrilled by the sending of all the coins back, as the cost deference of a coin would have been a great return. I am even impressed that BBF ended up brokering a seperate deal for a trade to equal out the balance. Bravo to all!

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Thanks for brightening up my day.. as it has not been good AT ALL!

Nice to hear about the honest folk and not always about the dishonest things people do in this crazy world of ours...


And as far as others sending out coins to these "honest" people.. Good for you all! Thats a great thing that you are all doing..

It's that old saying, " What goes around, Comes around"


Thanks for sharing this



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