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What Are Some Good St. Louis Area Caches?

G.O. John and Carol

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We'll be spending 2 1/2 days in the St. Louis area doing little more than caching. What are some local geocaching highlights? We like to be taken to unusual and/or scenic areas. Historic stuff is great too!




Near St. Louis: Cahokia. Take time to explore the area. You get a really nice view of the city from the top of the tallest mound. Here's the website for the mounds.

I think it covers unusual, scenic and historic pretty good.



Edit: added website link and picture.

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Here's another one that should meet your qualifications: Confluence Trail Cache. There is a Lewis & Clark / Corps Of Discovery historic site close by to check out (including a fort!). When we were at both of these places the visitor centers were closed due to funding cutbacks. If you want to see the centers, check the websites for hours. Both areas can be enjoyed without visiting them however.





Edit: typo (you would think I'd remember it's Lewis and not Louis...arghhhh).

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you know - I had just had to respond to a note on a TB that I'm going to try to get it's partner in crime over to St. Louis to meet up with it and was going to see if anyone could give me a good starting point for caches in the area. So, I hopped on the forums and voila! the perfect thread. Especially since we also have a traveling geocoin that wants to follow Lewis & Clark's voyage - so that one cache should be PERFECT!! Corps of Discovery, thanks for the suggestions - I'm likely going to steal some of your hints as well. :mad:


Our current plan is to end up doing a weekend trip later this month. But, if we get desperate, and end up doing the drive over from Evansville as a day trip just to drop the TB, are there any just really easy to get to and do TB motels near the highways? (I know I know, but searching out a TB motel when I don't know zip codes can take for ever, and if you happen to know, it's worth asking. if not, no biggie. I just wanna make sure I can definitely find at least one cache if we do that long of a drive to drop this bug off!) Ok, I'll stop stealing GO John & Carol's thread now - sorry!!

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The Confluence Cache is a micro so you wouldn't be able to leave the coin in it (you could do a drop & retrieve to record it tho). Both of those caches are outside St. Louis (but not too far). They are also 2 of only 3 I've done in the area (we were on vacation and my wife is not one of us...lol). I did get one in the city, but it was a micro in a park- ST6--Reservoir Park. Happy caching!

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If you get a nice day , there are a bunch of downtown caches that can all be done on foot. Park the car over by the Landing (I think that's what it's called) on the riverfront and go from there. You will get a nice walking tour of downtown St.Louis and get to find a bunch of caches. You will cover about 4 miles on foot but well worth it.


If you get a chance, do the Chain of Rocks Cache and the nearby virtual Above the Trees & Mississippi.


I really enjoyed those two.

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