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Makin' Tracks Wheel Coin

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Hi everyone! This is my son's personal coin. I hope you like it. We wanted to see what kind of interest there is to see how many to order of these. You can email me your interest if you like or post here. This is NOT an pre-order YET. Email at parrolet_pr (at) yahoo dot com


On the front of the coin it says "Makin Tracks" "From cache to cache"

On the back of the coin it says"Track on geocaching.com" and "Geocaching since December 2004"

The large areas will be cut out and the smaller areas will be 3D to give a real look.






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Oh Man! Your tugging at old heart strings here!! :)


In my younger days I was a diehard street machiner!! :)


I used to own at one time or another a '69 Camaro, a '69 & '70 Chevelle, '69 & '71 Nova, and a '84 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z

Don't laugh at the Z :( It had over-sized pistons, aftermarket Water-Cooled Turbo, 5 Speed, Hi-Po Sway Bars with Polyurethane Bushings, Quarter Mile times in the upper 10.00's and top speed [that I personally got to] of 130+!! ;) (May have been faster - the speedo topped out!! ;)

It was the fastest of any of the other quote "muscle cars"! :P

It was "Fast & Furious" before Fast & Furious was a w*t dream!


Count me in for a couple when you produce them!! :)


D-man :)

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Oooh your in SC! Where abouts? Theres a Geoholics Meetup in Columbia next week!


It's a neat coin, will the air vavle be included somehow?


I don't think the valve will be included in it.


From what I hear, the valve will be a follow-on coin in the series. :huh:



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UPDATE: :anibad: It's a go ahead at this time. We are waiting on the die proofs to come back on this coin. Will post when they come in. Thanks for the interest.

Holy Cow Batman! They look just like mags off of a car!!! What a great gearhead Geocoin....

Sign me up for these when they pre-sale.

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