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Binfield May Day Weekend Cache Bash

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Following the success of last year's Binfield Cache Bash, Jon of the Dewdrops and I are planning to run another one this year.


Originally, last year, we wanted to use the May Day Bank Holiday, but there was a clash, so we moved our date. We would like, if possible, to return to the May Day Bank Holiday this year as it would be quite a bit easier for us both if we could.


We would like to know whether anyone in the area of Berks, Beds, Bucks or Surrey are planning an event for April 29th so we can avoid a clash.





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Geoff and I have not set a definite date on this yet and we are open to suggestions, however neither of us can make Sunday 30th.


The other possibility of course is Monday 1st May.


If we can have some more feedback we will go with the majority.





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We were there last year and it was brill! This year ... well we had been planning on the Wales meet and making a weekend of it. Nothing definite yet cos its too early to say. I would say "Don't worry!". Go ahead ... plan your meet ... there are plenty of cachers to go around! As this sport grows there will be an inevitable clash with event dates - do what suits you best! If we don't get to the Wales meet then yours will be a dead cert! Good luck with the planning - do your own stickers this year! LOL :):(;)

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