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Supplies For New Micros


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I am working on placing a new micro (It will be my first cache) and I cannot find anything that will fit in the magnetic key holder for cachers to long in on. I found a site once that had something to order and I cannot find that site again. what else can I use? I am also nervous that my cache won't have the WOW! factor that will encourage people to visit it. What can I do to help this out. :laughing:

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Here's a past thread with some good information about micro cache containers:




Here's a past thread giving ideas for logsheets and logbooks for micro caches:


Micro Logs


In my opinion, the container doesn't make for a WOW microcache, but instead the location does. :laughing: However, it might be a BOO HOO microcache if the finders can't sign the log if it gets wet. :o



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Sometimes, if the site has a historical significance, you can investigate it and include what you found in the cache description to make it more interesting. Not only is this likely to draw more cachers, but it also makes the site more meaningful.


For example, if your cache takes cachers to a gravesite, but you do not explain what was significant about that person's life, then it would rank as a typical park-n-grab. If, however, you explain that the person buried there was a great war hero who sacreficed himself to save the lives of hundreds of his fellow soldiers and gave some details about the battle, it will have some significance and be more appreciated by your finders.


Once a handful of cachers visit the site, their logs will be testimony as to whether it really is a WOW microcache.


Good luck,


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We use little memo books and cut them into three sections. This makes 3 little narrow logbooks. Use the kind with a tape binding that open sideways (like a regular book) rather than spiral bound. "Snack Size" bags (by Glad, for example) will fit inside a magnetic keyholder to hold the log sheet or logbook. Just remember to squeeze all of the air out before folding them up and sealing them. If you want to disguise your keyholder by painting it to match its surroundings, first spray it with Krylon primer for plastic, let that dry, then use your camo color(s).


Like other poeple said, point out what's interesting about the location in your cache description, whether it's the view, something of historical significance, something funny, or whatever. Some people just don't like micros, but as long as it's not a two mile hike through the wilderness just to find a keyholder stuck to an old fence post, people shouldn't really complain. In fact, we LIKE micros...when you have two kids who take forever "picking a prize" from an ammo can, it's nice to sometimes just sign our names and move on!

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I am also nervous that my cache won't have the WOW! factor that will encourage people to visit it. What can I do to help this out. :)


3 words: Location, Location, Location


Put it someplace of interest. Someplace scenic, an often overlooked but nice place like a park, something historic.


Also, waterproof is good :(


Good luck on your first hide

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I like both micros and regular-sized caches and I certainly agree that the location should determine the cache size. That being said, it kinda bugs me when people plead for no more micros. You see, I had a pretty bad car wreck a while back and am STILL recovering from surgery. I just can't walk far without my pain level getting too high. The other day, I parked to find a cache that was hidden very close to a cache that I had previously found. From the description, I could visualize the location, a mere 2/10th of a mile away. I blew off the cache because I wasn't up to it.


For me, right now, I can pretty much only do micros. Keep placing them.

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