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Portland-area Maps For Garmin Gps Units

Sky Schemer

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I have created some very detailed topographic maps for the Portland, OR metro area, including portions of Vancouver, WA that are for use with Garmin GPS units. These maps show land contours derived from the USGS 1:24k (large scale) quads, and provide city streets, parks, and some trails using data from the Portland cGIS and Metro region databases circa early 2005, augmented by USGS data as needed.


These maps are free for you to download, use and even redistribute as you see fit. Get them from my Oregon Topo Map home, where you can also see a few screen shots and coverage information. They would be of interest, and potentially of value, to anyone living in or traveling to the Portland area.


Long term, I'd like to provide maps for more than just the Portland area, though that will depend on interest from the general user community, availability of quality data and, of course, my free time. :ph34r:




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FYI. I have posted a version of the maps that don't require MapSource. It's less convenient to use this way, but some Garmin mapping GPS units don't come with a MapSource product.


Couldn't get Mapsource to work for me this morning, but SendMap20 did the job. Thanks for posting.


I know, I know...only a couple years late, but isn't it nice to know that people read the OLD messages as well? :yikes:

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Just loaded the Mapsource version - setup went flawlessly. Looks awesome - great detail for the Forest Park trail system! Looking forward to getting up there and give these maps a try.


I'm betting folks would be extremely interested in maps of the Mt. Hood / Columbia Gorge area.


Thanks for your work on this. Will watch for future additions.


Mike in Coos Bay

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Just now getting around to saying 'Thanks!!' for this. We always enjoy visits to Forest Park but aren't as familiar with the area as the locals are, so having these will help a great deal.


Since you are talking about potentially expanding the project, I'd like to see more of the coast covered as well.

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