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My Finds Showing Someone Else's Finds

The Waldo's

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Don't know yet I e-mailed him but it still shows his . its kinder funny with the names and all.

But You see my finds though that is strange. even my hides show his hides but the bench do not show.


I see all your cache finds and hides in New England just fine

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But if you go to his profile page and go to the Geocaches tab, and click on the caches he owns, you'll be linked to the UK Waldo account. Notice that hovering your cursor over the owned caches shows ..."&u=Waldo" in the browser link.


edit: clarity

No, I click his name here, go to his profile, and go to the geocaches tab, and I see his proper hides.




Could this possibly be a browser-specific issue? I'm using IE.

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It does it in Netscape and IE I logged out and cleared cookies then did a full reboot

and logged in on both and the same thing happened. I have had this name since I

started a year and a half ago and this just started today. Its got me going but I think it

may be with Groundspeaks search code or something ' they have been fiddling with it


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I just played around with this problem and looked at the page source. The cause of the problem is quotes. The All Cache Finds url is encased in double quotes. That makes the single quote (apostrophy) (sp?) in your name work correctly.


The other urls are encased in single quotes, making the single quote in your name mark the end of the url.


Either way will cause problems for either people with double quotes in their name, or those with single quotes in their name.


The solution would be for the app that creates the pages to check the name for quotes and replace them with "& #39;" and "& quot;" repectively for single and double quotes, but without the space in there. If I enter it without a space or even if I use & amp; without the space, the editor seems to get confused.


A possible other solution -on your end- is to change your name to use the codes instead of the actual characters, but I do not know if that will work.

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Thank You raine I was having cable modem problems all week and was not able to do

much about this problem and it was Great when I was finally able to get back on line

and the cache_test_dummies informed me that everything was ok.


Who says things don't get done around here?


Thanks again



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