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60cx - Turning Off / Hiding Geocaching Waypoints?

Mr. Grimm

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Under Waypints you can go to Menu and select show by waypoint symbols. This might not be what you are looking for since the filter only allows you to view specific waypoint symbols rather than everything Except the geocache symbol.


Ok, lets me rephrase... On the "Map" how do I hide all the geocaching symbols?



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Found a workaround in the text at http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...4entry1570564


7. How do I keep the cache waypoints from showing up on my map without deleting them?

From the Map page, press MENU » 'Setup Map' » ENTR » 'Map Setup-Points tab (the third tab, with a flag) » 'User Waypoints' » ENTR. Then select the zoom level at which you want waypoints to show up. This thread talks more about it. If desired, it can be set to AUTO or OFF as well (Thanks, Robert).


Well that is a good question. It can be done in Mapsource but I have no idea how you would do it on the GPSr. Sorry.


Really, how do you do it in mapsource? I have had it for like a day and have not figured out all the tricks yet.. :D



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In the waypoint window select all the WPTs you want to show independently and after you have them highlighted click on the catagory box and give them a new category number. When you view the map you can then select what you want to see on the map. Each catagory can be named whatever you want it to be.

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