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Your 3 Favorite Geocoins?


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What are your three favorite geocoins and why are they your favorites?


Here's mine in no particular order:


* Square D Quahog - extremely unique and "homemade" yet professional looking

* Jaybee's glow-in-the-dark coin - Very nifty idea. First of its kind I think.

* New Mexico 2005 - Yeah I know, its one that I designed, but I think its really cool. So there! :D

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*Waypoint 15, because it's one of the first, I love the design and it looks a heck of a lot like my avatar.

*End Station VTA Mystery Cache coin, because I really like how simple it is, yet it looks better than a lot of other coins.

*NWPA (the original one with the ship), because I just can't get over how great it looks. Definatly one of the best.

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I only buy the ones I like so all of mine are contenders.


But the top 3 would be:


1. Grand Canyon -- It is just plain pretty

2. Kansas -- I love the 3d back it looks classy

There are 2 for #3

DadofSAM -- 2006 Georgia -- He likes it beacuse it was our first.

MomofSAM -- 2006 Georgia Peach -- Beacuse I love that it is simple design and its cool shape.


But of course we love our own coin the best of all...... :D:D

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1. Square D's Quayhog (pewter, bronze, silver and 24 karat Gold someday soon I hope).....artistic design, heavy weight, limited editions, painstakingly designed, placed in local caches and individually numbered.


2. Moun10bike ver. 1.....classic design, individually numbered, trackable AND activated and placed in geocaches.


3. Indy Diver, Team FISUR, Waypoint 15, Groundspeak Project (Square & Round), CKayaks.....simplicity, rarity, design and classic looks.

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Moun10Bike Vers 1 - For the obvious reason, and that I climbed Mt St Helens to earn it.

GeoNap - Because I was FTF on a cache that required a pretty good climb to reach it (nothing like Mt St Helens though)

Pepper/Supergenius - Because I found it in a cache after she told me to go back and look in the cache a little harder :D


All 3 of these coins were found in caches, and I have had the pleasure of meeting all three of the creators.

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Oh man, only 3? I don't think I could list just 3. Here's my 5 favourites in different categories:


Best Design for a State Coin:

1) Idaho 2005

2) New Mexico - I still haven't figured out why, but I love that thing

3) Tennessee

4) Iowa - love the red barn

5) Utah

Honourable Mention: New York (Too biased on that one to give it an actual ranking)


Best Design for a Personal Coin:

1) PC Frog

2) QC Beer Coin

3) Vargseld

4) DLiming

5) Team Badger

Honourable Mentions: Kirkland Explorers, 4BOWS, San Francisco, Team Sand Dollar, Shop99er, Squealy, Wildwood Bob and the Moose, JWID, Tiki coins


Favourite Coins for Sentimental Value:

1) GC Mystery Coin - first coin in my collection, and was actually found in a cache

2) GeoWoodstock III - First coin I bought for my collection, and I was there, and the design is awesome!

3) Twas the Night Before Christmas - still can't believe I got one of those in the mail - thanks Santa!

4) Avroair - was given to me by Avroair himself and it is a great looking coin

5) Manitoba (MBGA) - my home Province, and a great looking coin!

Honourable Mention again to the New York coin as I was part of the committee that produced this coin


I guess I'd have to mention the GeoLuau II coins as well - I love the detail on that coin.

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If I had to choose three:


1. Bluebonnet (Lupinus texensis) - She's a beaut!

2. KSWader - Love the Wizard of OZ! Have you seen Wicked?

3. Kansas Tornado LE - It's a twistah!


0,1 <-- My two bits.




EDIT: Honorable mention for both Yawp and Lord Pomsby. The Tiki coins are awesome specimens!

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Moun10Bike v1 - The first coins and a great guy


Sgt Stiches - A local guy, great looking coin (and a great guy)


WorkerofWood - A local guy, great looking coin (and a great guy)


Next three:


Twas the Night Before Christmas - Santa rocks


Cachesper - Spokane on the coin - love it


GBA Coin Club "micro-chip" - a little taste of home

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1) Cool Coin Order Liaison--The 3D effect on this coin is amazingly well done--better than any other coin I've seen.


2) Pennsylvania 2005--very classy looking with lot's of detail.


3) Alaska 2005--no color but once again lot's of detail and well done artwork. The moose overlayed on top of the state is perfect for Alaska. Maybe I'm just biased because I used to live there?

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So many to choose from,


moun10bike v3 - I just love this coin.. a great design

Seabecktribe - The design on the back reminds me of so many places I have been

Kootenay Pirates - because I know them quite well and i was the second person to have one


I also like


Frozen Bone - this one just catches my eye for some reason

Emerald Dragon - simple yet elegant. plus I love dragons

North Dakota - great design on this one

GD mystery coin - probably the first geocoin i found in a cache



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Moun10bike v.2 - I eared it the old fashion way (8 miles on the Pacific Coast Trail and way to many switchbacks to even count)!


Cache-U-Nuts Adventure #4 - I eared it too...WOW is all I can say about that game.


and ALL the coins I have from folks I've meet personally!


oh and my little Bell Pepper it's kinda cute... :D



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Well, it's hard to choose, but (also in no particular order) mostly based on personal likes . . .


1. Team Sand Dollar -- I love sand dollars, I love snow, and I happen to love kokopelli, too. Go figure that they should all show up on one coin! It it even looks nice.


2. Kansas State Sunflower -- the coin seems cheerful, and the tribute to the flower and the movie is nice, also favorites of mine.


3. Moun10Bike, V.3 -- it never occured to me that a photo could be put on a geocoin. And of course, he picked a gorgeous one. The coin's unique -- there isn't another one out there like it. Also, I managed to grab one of these as new as they get, in the wild . . . a little bit of homework, timing, walking, & luck and there it still was, much to my amazement! :blink:

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I really like:



Coin Club Brass Cap (geological survey cap)

Kootney Pirates


Of course, there are many others and this changes as I sort through my coins and go "hey! that's cool" every-so-often


For example, I just remembered Mauison, Moun10Bike, and the Tiki's -- love those.


Needless to day of course, my geobone and the red-handed coin are near and dear to my heart.

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In no order, they just mean something to me.


Twas The Night Before Christmas ( another cacher was very thoughtful in making this coin and I feel honored that I was sent one from Santa)

Cache Quest #37 ( I worked hard for it)

My Boys Coin (cuz the worms are fighting..so true out in the field)

Tornado (because it means something)

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Obviously the ones that mean the most to me were gifts, and items that I have found in caches. In terms of design only, my favorite are (in no particular order):


Alabama Geocaching Association 2004 – Have you ever really taken a good look at this one? The detail within the design is incredible. This is a quality coin!


Twisted Dragons – Yeah, I had always liked the design but there is more to this one than meets the eye. When I traded for it, they sent me some information of the design and it’s orgin. A lot of thought went into this one beyone what we see.


Manitoba Geocaching Association – The detail is good, but it has a very rustic feel to it. That and it’s small and limited run give this one a lot of character that speaks for itself.


Dhenninger v1 – What else can I say? Hand made in metal! WOW!


Yeah, that is four but what the heck. Color and special shapes do not do a lot for me. I like the beauty of the metal and a good design that stands on it’s own.

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1. Texas Bluebonnett,partial to Texas was born there.

I like several of the other Texas Coins as well.


2.New Mexico,That is was where I was raised.


3.In no particular order all the others,I like coins.

I have been to almost every state so I just can't afford em all yet.



The one that got me really going though is the Benchmark coin,I wanted it to commemorate my 1000th benchmark find.

Got the coin but hung on 969.


Can't count the one's I aint got yet.

This list is subject to change.

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What are your three favorite geocoins and why are they your favorites?


Here's mine in no particular order:


* Square D Quahog - extremely unique and "homemade" yet professional looking

* Jaybee's glow-in-the-dark coin - Very nifty idea. First of its kind I think.

* New Mexico 2005 - Yeah I know, its one that I designed, but I think its really cool. So there! B)



Thank you ever so much...

I would have to say that I agree with your 1st choice...the Quahog is awesome...

my 2nd could very well be the New Mexico...followed closely by the Made in China...

a tie breaker for 2nd would also be the GAA Limited Edition...

Now 3rd place, and I hate to give it such a low rating, but the frivlas coin with the 57 Chevy is just great...even so...The 4BOWS is right in there for even 2nd...this is a hard game to play...sorrry if I hurt anyone's feelings...



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Wow, this is hard. There are so many great coins out there.


First = Mrs. Moops - the story behind the coin is completely inspiring, and as I've gotten to know the Moops through email, I've found that they are top-notch folks.


Second = Coin Quest Challenge #18 - I worked hard for this one, and it signifies a wonderful blend between geocaching and geocoin collecting for me


Third = Redwing_Dave - I know it seems conceited to vote for my own geocoin, but it's really an awesome thing to be able to see and touch a geocoin that you designed, and is marked with your handle.


Other favorites of mine include UTAG, GoJayBee, Frivlas (awesome car), Mauison, etc, etc, etc.......

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1. The Moun10bike coin ( all versions ) because it was one of the first and because of the friend he is and all Moun10bike has done to unselfishly promote this hobby.


2. Lori Darlin coins because it is just the coolest looking coin and made by a dear friend.


3. Idaho coin for the shape award.


4. The other coins ( all special with a memory behind each one ) in my collection that were given in kind friendship even though I don't have a personal geocoin to trade in return.


Team sidewinder

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