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What Makes A Good Coin?

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I am thinking of designing a personal geocoin. I am relatively new to this, but I have been doing my research. What makes a geocoin a must have? Is it lots of colors? Does the coin have to be trackable? Does the number minted have any influence on whether or not the coin is more desirable? How does the design influence the demand?


The design I am thinking of on the front would by basically my avitar in the middle of the coin. The area around the symbol would be recessed. Around the edge of the coin, would be raised with my geocaching name recessed along the top and another saying around the bottom. I am 99% sure the coin will be trackable at gc.com. I am still trying to figure out the back. Any answers to the above questions would be very helpful.



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A few things that I find to be a plus are: (in no particular order)


-Interesting Design

-Professional Looking

-Good color balance

-Not too cluttered

-Unique shape

-Has something to do with Geocaching

-Trackable at GC.com

-Custom Icon

-Not too expensive


I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can think of right now.


EDIT: Oh and as for the lots of colors question... one of my favorite coins has no colors at all... the Alaska 2005 coin.


EDIT#2: Oh and you can't talk about the design here unless you are going to make it trackable, as per the new rules.

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Uniqueness is the key, not the same old. I have found that "cut-outs" seem to be well liked. As for more colors, fancy details, etc... sometimes less is more (ex ROT 13). Trackable w/ personal icon is mostly the eyecatcher. I trade/purchase some coins strictly on the artistic works (trackable or not), as where others because of there status. Each to their own, then again there are the "I gotta have every coin out there"! And ditto above...

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It used to be that folks preferred non-trackables because of the price. Now, because of the glut I'm hearing that many are passing up higher priced personals in favor of organization coins. I'm sure higher profile cacher's coins will still sell well, though.


That's not to say to not create a personal coin. We will most likely, but it will not be numbered, nor will it be sold or traded by us. You want one, you have to find one or trade with someone who found one.


That comes to another point. The rarer a coin is, as long as it's a decent coin, the more coveted it is.

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