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Cleaning Coins?

The Blind Acorn

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I have bought quite a few coins of late. Some I was able to get into airtites pretty quicky and before fingerprints became a problem. Can anyone suggest what to clean the coins with? I figure just a dadgum cloth would be ok and let them dry really good.


Sorry if this has been asked and answered, but honestly I haven't seen it and no I didn't try to search since the function has been inoperable for so long.

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Perfect timing; I just cleaned my "for fondling only" 2004 PA coin last night. I was able to restore its mirror finish (aside from the dings after going through the wash twice) with Brasso. I've tried using ketchup, vinegar, all the things people recommend, but nothing works as well as Brasso. You rub the paste onto it, let it dry, then buff it. As some folks mentioned in the other thread, some coins, particularly the colored ones, have a protective coat on them, so I wouldn't recommend a harsh anti-tarnish cleaner. But then, they should never tarnish, either. For real silver, I use Tarn-X. As was also mentioned in the other thread, serious coin collectors frown upon any kind of cleaning.

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