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Air Cache


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I am working on a three part cache. It will be called earth wind and water. I have figured out the earth and water parts of the cache but need ideas for the wind part.


Water will be a wieghted lamenated geacache lable in water tied to a rock or tree on shore with the next coodinates on it.

Earth will be a 15 lb rock that has been drilled to fit a small tube but the wind one is the one i can't figure out yet. :lol:

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OK based on one of your other caches, my guess is that you are near Prince George, BC.


What about hiding this cache around Radio Station 99.3 "The Drive" or another radio station that is the voice of Prince George "on the air". Maybe some talk radio station with lots of "wind" bags on it. :lol:

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Then the cache on a pully with a cleverly hidden fishing line.


I was thinking of something similar. But if this is a clue as part of a multi, then suspend an object with the clue written on it with fishing line between trees. Then to get the clue, you would need binoculars or a telescope to get the clue.


Or, you could program an LED to flash the clue in morse code and suspend that in midair.

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Urban setting: perhaps coords written on a magnetic sheet or in a micro attached near the pressurized air hose at a gas station?


Woodland setting: coords hidding in a small bird decoy (chickadee, blue jay, ...) attached to a log/stump or in the hollow of a tree?

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