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The Fraher Family Geocoin

The Fraher Family
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For those of you inquiring about The Fraher Family Geocoin being sold on GCC. All coins were purchased, yet not all were paid for resulting in the appearance of zero coins left. Miscalculations being corrected, there are about 50 coins left. I believe this may be a common happening to other coins as well. Everybody wants the goods, they just don't want to pay.

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According to GCC:


Friday, February 03, 2006

Coins Shipping


If you are a registered user, you may see the shipping status for some coins you have ordered has changed.


We have completed the shipping for

*Team Desert Eagle coins

*Nevada Desert Geocoins

*Illinois Geocoins.

In addition we have shipped all orders for the Fraher Family Geocoin ordered between 1/15 and 1/27.

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Got mine in the mail today    ;)  :D  :D  :D

;) Hope they look good since I haven't even seen the real thing yet...

You mean you don't even get metal samples to make a selection? :D

When I had ours done, I was able to order up to 6 in our design in the various metals for just the cost of shipping in order to make the choices.

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