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All I can say is: Wow! I am stunned! :o


I opened my e-mail today with over 60 inbox messages --- evidence of 60 finished auctions.

Thank you to both the bidders and the donations, each of you have helped 3 wonderful girls. We are winding down the process, but if you still have coins you would like to donate and haven't had the chance then still feel free to do so.


The Volunteers coin sold for a whooping: $307.88 USD and Mertat's for close to $224.72 USD, thanks for sharing some of your very rare and valuable coins people.


You guys and gals are the best! :ph34r: You can search under - NNJC


NNJC - Geocoin Donation Drive

PO Box 2205

West Paterson, NJ 07424

United States




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Hello Everyone. I've been going thru all of your notes, kind words and prayers for me, my girls and Autumn and I just wanted you all to know how truly touched I am. Words cannot thank you all enough for your generosity, love and friendship you've shown us. The coins are a "work of art" and Helmut would be so proud of them. If he would have seen them and was asked to "make any changes", they'd look exactly the same. They're so great and I hope their new owners will enjoy them 1/10 as much as the girls and I will.


I'm so proud to be Helmuts wife, 4/28, his 44 birthday, would have been 17 years. For those of you that have known him for a few years or maybe just met him once or twice, you've seen what a great guy he is (still can't think of him as gone!) and that was just the tip of the iceburg! He loved me and the girls with all of his heart and sole. He was the greatest husband and Dad! So many people have told me they "didn't know a greater guy" and that's the truth! I'm so happy for the friends he's made thru this wonderful hobbie. I thoroughly enjoy reading all of your posts and logs in all of his caches and I want you to know that Treequest and I will make sure all of these wonderful caches are maintained, for you, for me and for him. All our love and thanks, MRS. Skully & Mulder et. al.

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It's nice to see the overwhelming support. Given that things get snarky in here sometimes, it's important to remember what's really important: family and friends.


Your loss has touched more people that you can ever know and hopefully serves as a reminder of the above. As a father myself, I know it does for me.


Our thoughts will always be with your family.

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