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"Omnia Vincit Amor" Ready For Trades

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NOTE : I have permission from Groundspeak for the below-mentioned sales.


I've loved this engraving for years, appreciating Agostino Carracci's use of Cupid and Pan to bring to life Virgil's words "Omnia Vincit Amor" or "Love Conquers All", a bit cliche nowadays but still a nice implementation by Carracci.


For a brief explanation on the engraving see :






My "Omnia Vincit Amor" geocoin will soon be arriving. Tess at Coins and Pins has informed me that she expects to ship the coins out February 8th.


I have 150 personal coins ordered, numbered but NOT trackable.


I have 20 Antique gold coins numbered 001 through 020 that I will be keeping for buddies and special trades that I initiate.


The next 90 coins, Antique silver coins numbered 021 through 110, will be for trading.


The next 40 coins, Antique silver coins numbered 111 through 150 ( unless a trader wants a specific coin number in this range ), will be for sale to new coin traders in order to help them build up a trading inventory - two coins max per caching name. These coins will cost 6.75 each, with packaging and shipping at 1.60 for one coin and 2.20 for two coins - these prices are USD. I live in Canada and will be shipping from there, btw.


Below is the artwork that my buddy peanutbutterbreadandjam did for me and which I sent to Coins and Pins.




Below is the die art graphic that Coins and Pins sent me for approval - according to Tess "The die art is used to show placement and proportion and does not show detail" so this doesn't really reflect much how the coin will look in the end.




One difference in the graphics and the actual coin is the numbering - they will not include the year "06" since the full year is already on the coin.


I will be posting a list of coins that I have so you can see what I already have ( I don't mind having two of a coin, btw ). However, below are the coins that I am definitely looking for and will trade for without question ( I can NEVER have enough of these ones ... to a limit of course ) :


Any Benchmark geocoin

Any Jeep coin

Geowoodstock III



Not Another Micro

Seventh Son 2006 Gear - Black Nickel

GCC - Ammo Box

Tiki LordPomsby

Vampires, Mummies, GeoGhost

Marky "Nano Caches"


Please contact me via e-mail ( NOT PM ) if you're interested.


Thanks everyone.

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E-mail sent. Coin art looks great! It's always hard to tell how 3D art is going to turn out but I've always been impressed and I bet yours will turn out great. The antique finishes will really make them look great.



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None of the links are working for me...

They seem to still be working fine for me.

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Oops, this post was meant for another thread. Weird.

Edited by Marky

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Forgot to mention, I am willing to trade for any metal coins : personal, state, etc.

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Hi everyone.


I just found out that my brother passed away this afternoon.


I may be tied up for the next few days dealing with this so if I don't reply for a few days, don't worry, I'll get to you.



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Ohh, so sorry to hear the sad news. My heartfelt condolances to you and your family during this difficult time. You take care of the more important things in your life.

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