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[for Trade] Sony Rm-av3100 Remote

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I need an entry level stand alone GPS for the local boyscout troupe, but we have limited funds.


I was hoping someone might want a Sony RM-AV3100 Intergrate Remote Control. It is great/excellent shape, the lcd has no scratches. I have original manual, and willing to help with setting it up, if you get confused.


You can read a great review on it at Remote Central


We are looking for an entry level device that can hold at minimum 100 waypoints, and can log routes in/out. A bonus would be if it had cable, software, and case. The boys and I would be forever grateful.


Checking Amazon.com for pricing it is selling for $109.00, I know it doesn't matter, but I paid much more than that for it. I'm sure you can get it elsewhere for under 100.00.


So if you have a entry level GPS that we can have and you want a cool remote. Let's talk.


Thanks for helping.

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