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Canada's First Geocache Plaque Update


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Canada’s First “Geocache” Plaque


Hello fellow Canadian geocachers. Well it’s been awhile, so it’s time that we posted an update for our project of placing a plaque on Canada’s first Geocache site. As some of you already know, “Geocache” GCBBA (formerly GC41) was placed by Ken Kane (eastriver) near Eastriver Nova Scotia in June of 2000.


An Ontario geocacher (jeff-trex) contacted Ken awhile ago and suggested that it would be a good idea to place a plaque at the “Geocache” site to recognize the fact that it is Canada’s first, and that it came out so early in the infancy of this great sport.


Ken got in contact with some members of the Maritime Geocaching Association (MGA) and from that a working group was established. After many discussions and e-mails back and forth, most of the logistic issues have been talked about and things are beginning to come together into a workable plan. Our working group consists of 6 geocachers from the Halifax NS area; and so far we have had 3 meetings to plan the “Geocache Plaque Event”.


Of course, as always, the first issue to settle was where are we going to get the money to do this? We emptied our pockets, but among us we couldn’t cover the cost of a good meal at the Chickenburger in Bedford, NS. So, our first thought was we need donations from Canadian geocachers. Naw, that won’t work, it will take too long to raise the money needed to place 2 plaques (one at the actual cache site, and one at a provincial park in Eastriver NS). The one placed at the provincial park may well be an interpretative type sign that explains in more detail what Geocaching is all about. (more on that issue later)


In order to raise the funds required we are producing a new Canada’s First Geocache geocoin that will fund the plaque project for “Canada’s first” cache. We are also planning a plaque unveiling event on or near the 6th anniversary date of 28 June 2006.


Everyone and anyone within the geocaching community will be invited to attend and this has the potential to be a great Canadian caching event. Any remaining funds from the coin sale, after the plaques and the event expenses are covered, will go to establishing our local and regional geocaching groups. Our objective is to support and organize geocaching within the Atlantic Provinces.


The new coin is in the final design stage and promises to be very unique. We have decided to have the coin made right here in Atlantic Canada, instead of the usual “Made in China” version that seems so prevalent these days. We promise that these geocoins will stand out from all the others and should be a treasured prize for your collection.


You will soon see more information on this coin and the plaque event coming to the forums of your local geocaching association’s website. In the meanwhile, please visit http://www.atlanticgeocaching.com to see the latest chatter on our coin, including the ordering info / issue date and the upcoming event plan. Happy Geocaching from Canada’s First Cache working group.

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I like the design... the test is good too. Nice job. Can I order it now?


:huh: The Blue Quasar


Yes for sure!!


I have the link to the thread on geocaching.com:




or you can go to www.atlanticgeocaching.com to see information.


If there are still groups that are looking for a bulk purchase and to have the coins shipped together please email me and we can help you with that.






The Lost Geeks


orders at atlanticgeocaching.com

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Mark June 24th as the date for celebrating the 6th anniversary of Geocaching in Canada. We will be posting an event as soon as we get the necessary permissions to use a park. People who attend with their coins I am told will get a special certificate from eastriver, the original Canadian Geocacher



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