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Neck Lanyard For E-trex?


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I was thinking of gettting a neck lanyard for my legend, but I noticed that the loop for a lanyard is on the bottom of the unit. If I attach a lanyard there, will it still get a decent signal while walking with it being upside down?


If not, would a belt holster work better?


I would rather have the neck lanyard, that way it is always close and quick to check my progress. But I won't mess with it if it doesn't hold the signal while walking.


Anyone use these?

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If I attach a lanyard there, will it still get a decent signal while walking with it being upside down?

No, and a belt holster isn't very good either since you still have a big chunk of the potential sky blocked by your own body which is a very efficient absorber of microwaves.


If you wear a pack while walking then something that attaches to the shoulder straps and keeps the eTrex reasonably flat would be good. I've also used a velcro shoulder strap that Radio Shack sold for their FRS radios that has a pocket about the right size for an eTrex. It holds it more vertical than is optimal but at least the antenna is up high and pointed out and away from my body.

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My old North Face Exocet pack has d-rings on the shoulder straps. I attach old 'biners to the d-rings, then attach my Legend to the 'biner via the Garmin Carabiner Stretch Holster. My Legend stays in the open, keeping contact with the satellites, and is right at my fingertips when I need to see it. It is also securely attached so I have no worries about dropping it.


See my post in: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=122158

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