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Cachemaps V4.1 Availble


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Please be informed that an update of CacheMaps is available.

The new version 4.1 has even more maps, improved configuration and possibility to show larger maps.


For the few that don't know CacheMaps yet, below an overview of this tool for getting maps for your caches:

  • Windows program for online and offline map retreival
  • Choice of about 40 online maps for your cache. Without conversion of coords!
  • Choice of 6 AreaMaps to show all caches in your list on one map. This map is stored on your PC for later (offline) use
  • Can be spawned from GSAK for a selection of caches you make there
  • Automatically converts coordinates to the format and datum needed for a map
  • Reads both loc-files and gpx-files
  • Creation of ClickMap for linking to the cache information
  • Retreiving caches for the selected AreaMap

You can see and download CacheMaps at www.CacheMaps.com

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Not a bad idea for a program, but the latest version does not work, run time error. Used the older version and when I selected a cache and loaded a map, I got the map and 2 other websites also (ad sites) kind of lame, I closed Firefox and tried another cache and this time got the map and 4 other web sites, 3 of which were 404 errors, did not want to try for a third cache map.


Still needs some work, but a nice start.

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