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South Wales 1st Day Event

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Each time I have called them to try to book, there has been no reply. How much is the site per night please? I'd like to book the same nights asap.


It is £10 per night + £10 refundable deposit. That is for a motorhome with electric hookup, so a tent should be cheaper.


See you there (hopefully).

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We've booked a place on the campsite for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As "newbies" it'll be interesting to put a few faces to the names we keep coming across.


The last time we stayed on this campsite about 5 years ago we had an interesting experience with local thugs wrecking the place at around 3.00am. Hope this won't happen this time around. We've been reluctant to use it again since. :unsure:

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Sorry Write & Mane - every time you organise an event, I seem to get some family crisis come up. In November it was hubbie in hospital with asthma, then earlier this year it was hubbie in hospital again, having his appendix removed!


Now I can't come to this one either. My mum's having a big operation in Bournemouth on 27th April, and it's a bit 'touch and go', so I want to be in Dorset to support my dad.


Hopefully I'll get to meet the rest of you South Wales crowd before I move away from Swansea. But I must admit I'm beginning to dread announcements of Geocaching events, as I begin to wonder who will be hospitalised *this* time!!

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Sorry to learn that Ryme-intrinseca will not make it to the South Wales Event. We had lined up some purple goodies to go into the new caches we have set for the day.


Thanks for your good wishes, hope 'Op' goes well, you will be in our thoughts as we enjoy ourselves in the lovely Welsh countryside.


Hope we get to meet before you head of to darkest Dorset!!!


Stuey - We were sooooooo looking forward to meeting the Dog!!

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Okay, having been insipired by the wonder atmosphere, and wonderful weather for the Reading CITO event yesterday, we thought me might try to come along to this one and bring the tent.


I'll try to call the park on Monday to book a space, but does anyone know if there are still spaces available at the campsite? What facilities are there at the campsite?


My son (4) is really keen on the idea, and wants to help organise the trip, so here's a message from him: :lol:


i like campmeeng :D

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I'll try to call the park on Monday to book a space, but does anyone know if there are still spaces available at the campsite? What facilities are there at the campsite?



I visited Parc Cwm Darren yesterday and enjoyed a long walk around the park. While I was there I dropped off some tupperware so there will be a few FTF's available next Saturday.


I don't know the exact details on camping but there is a large area set aside for it and it looks as though there is electricity for caravans, a large WC block that I assume includes showers and there are BBQ areas scattered around the park.


Yesterday it was quiet but that may be different next weekend as it is the bank holiday so I would ring ASAP to book and check the exact details of what facilities are available.


Dave - The Gecko's

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see the cache page for details.




The campsite has a shower/toilet block, and electric hookup to most pitches. The cost is £10 per night and a £10 refundable deposit for shower block key.


Come along, Daniel (age 4 nearly 5) could do with someone his own age to play with.



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As a relative newbie I'm planning to come next Saturday and stay the night if only to actually meet some Geocachers 'in the flesh'. It can be a lonely pastime with just the dog for company and I'd love to put some faces to these wierd names I encounter. Also looking forward to finding out how others play the game. See you next week.

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We had no trouble today booking a space (for Fri & Sat) for a 6-birth family size tent.


I'm so excited to meet everyone (I'd also like to apologise in advance for bringing my moody, often rude teenagers :ph34r: , if you get them to smile take a photo. I can't remember what a smile from them looks like).


See ya there!



Excellent :huh::huh::huh: , that should please my pair of moody, often rude teenagers, at least they will have someone they can relate to.

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Raffles ready.


We’re not going to rob you, but make sure you’ve some cash ready for the raffle on Saturday.


We’ve twisted the arms of some local traders and unearthed some good prizes for you, some geocaching related, some not, but we’re sure you’ll get something out of each one.


Zetetic and Pezzini will be selling the tickets all day, and will be drawing the winning numbers at 4 pm. Bearing in mind that you have to be there for the draw to claim your prize. Any prizes not claimed within 30 mins of the draw will be drawn for again.


Proceeds from the draw will be donated to the Brecon Beacons Mountain Rescue Team.


Zetetic and Pezzini

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Hope everyone had a good time!

Unfortunatley, we are bust de cluttering our house reasdy for our house move, which is hopefully due to take place at the end of the month.Spent all weekend running back & forth to the tip, & was up at 6am on sat to do a car boot sale! :mad: It was worth it though, as we made £87!

Once things are back to normal, I hope to get out & about caching again, we haven't been since before Christmas! :o


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