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Fin/rus/no - How To Cross The Border?


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hello scandinavia,


I´m planning a trip to lake Inari, when studding the map, I saw close to Inari the nationalpark ovre pasvik.


But it seems to be difficult to go there.


Is it possible to go there via RUS border Nellim / Virtaniemi -> Janiskoski / Nautsi -> Nyrud?


The maps I have are not very detailed.


Is there a road ( I will come by motorbike )?


Someone any ideas about this area?





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FIN-NOR border can be crossed anywhere if you have nothing special to declare.


Crossing FIN-RUS border is not so easy. Virtaniemi is not open for public, one can cross the border there only with special permit given usually to ppl living at the area or working cross the border.


Nearest places to cross Russian border are Raja-Jooseppi and Salla. Both are closed between 9 pm and 7 am. Passport and visa are required. Motorcycle might need a special insurance.


On the Finnish side of the Russian border is border zone, 1 to 3 km usually. Entering the border zone without a written permission is illegal.


I'm not responsible for possible errors in this text.


Edit: A link. A road has been planned between Finland and Norway. a group of people walked the route and took some photos.

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