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Serial Finder
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The February edition of Today's Cacher (www.todayscacher.com) , including Chapter 12 of "Serial Finder", is expected to be available on line on February 1st.


Once it is available, I will be posting a list of 12 questions on this thread. The questions will be related to the Serial Finder story. Participants should email the answers using using my geocaching.com profile (click where it says "Serial Finder" to the left of this post). The first 6 emails recieved that correctly answer all 12 questions, will win a Serial Finder coin. (The first 3 will recieve the Limited Edition Pewter, the other 3 will recieve the Bronze version.)


HINT: You may want to read the previous 11 chapters.

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Hmmmm....just finished chapter 1. This has GOT to be made up, right?! Either way, pretty interesting reading material, as I've never really been known to do alot of reading books and such :ph34r::o Taking chapters 2 and 3 to the nightstand...I think I'll place chapters 4 and 5 next to the toi...uh..."library" <_<

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So what time are you planning on posting the last chapter? (Or should I ask...who doesn't have a chance at getting this from being at work)?

I'm not certain what time Today's Cacher will be posted on line. I will post the questions after it's available. I probably won't get a chance to do that until after work tommorrow. I get home from work around sixish (that would be PM EST) Given time to kick off my shoes and such, and depending on whether I eat first, the questions should be posted somewhere between 6:00 and 8:00. Assuming, of course, that the February edition of Today's cacher is live at that time.

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Just waiting for the February issue to got live. I'm leaving for work, so the questions won't get posted before this evening.

Aw man! I have my troop's Girl Scout meeting tonight. Oh well...I have enjoyed reading the story, though!


edit: forgot...GS field trip this week might work in my favor schedule-wise

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User and password and you can see the Februar todays cacher.

I do not have the user :huh:

regards Marc

You typed in the address manually or changed dec to feb in the url line. What you are seeing is for staff member access of the issue. Once the issue has gone live, it is open for everyone to see without a password or username.

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Question 1. Who is Serial Finder?


Question 2. Is he Dangerous?


Question 3. Who Dunnit?


Question 4. When do we get the real questions?

Answer 1 - I'm not a real person, but I play one on the internet.


Answer 2 - My cats apparently don't think so, they don't listen worth squat.


Answer 3 - Dunwhat? Oh, that. We'll see.


Answer 4 - I'm not sure, but if Today's Cacher doesn't go live soon, I may just sleep through it.

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O.K., I'm going to sound really stupid here, I know. I can't seem to figure out how to get January issue up. The link only gives me last year's issues. What can I do to get January and February? This has been a great story! I am printing it off so my husband can read it.

They skipped January..... that issue doesn't exhist so you aren't going crazy!!! HAHA

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Well...... this is kind of harsh. The Serial Finder installment is up but no questions. It is now after 11:30 PM Pacific time - most of the country is asleep. I am ONLY still awake because I was waiting for these questions. I wanted the coin but I can't stay up any longer since I have to get up early for work. It looks like whomever gets up first - in the U.S. that means only East coast folks - will get the coins.


I had thought that, if I followed this all day, all afternoon, and all evening and checked constantly, I had a shot. It appears that I was wrong. :o


Congratulations to whomever wins.

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