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Crazy L200 Hits 200!


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It was a bit longer than a week ago  :grin:  Maybe 3 weeks  B)


It's a CB antenna, used more off road (green laning) than on road.

I'm also available for the 4X4 Emergency Support Network, so it can be used for rescue comms.

My L200 works hard for it's keep  :D

Cool, have heard of the 4x4 network via my involvement with Raynet.. I like to try and get to the more out-of-reach places too when working with Raynet. Sounds good! :)


Why not look into getting your Foundation Amateur licence and getting some proper comms on the go for your exercises like these guys! :(


...Anyway - I'll go away now and stop hijacking the thread with cheeky comments :grin:


All the best to you,



Edited for speeling..

Edited by Team 'James W'
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