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Which Coin Maker To Use?

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coinsandpins has been a long time favorite with cachers. I had originally planned to go through them but decided to use oakcoins because of a special they were running. They were a pleasure to work with and I have no regrets. I'm not sure how their prices compare now, but I think they are still one of the lower priced options. I've heard only good things about thecachingplace.


I don't have enough personal experience with any of the others to recommend them. I've heard that if you want your coins in a reasonable amount of time, you should avoid KVcoins.


I'm curious what the nature of your disatisfaction is with your current company.



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I am using Oak Coins. I am VERY happy. They did not even complain about changing our art work a couple of times. They are really great to work with. We got our samples coins today and they are wonderful. I will use them for any and all coins in the future. For our coin they were the least expensive of the ones we priced, and the quailty is top notch!

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While I haven't made any coins of my own yet, just recently I have aquired a preference for Oak Coins for other reasons! :mad:


D-man :mad:



It's going to be a pleasure working with some of you!

LOL @ Gridlox! Well I'll vouch for their coins being great quality since I *HAVE* ordered from them.

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