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Geo Puzzles

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Hi all,


I am getting ready to place a multi step cache and have been looking (with no luck) for some geo-related puzzles, codes or cyphers. I don't want any thing to easy but on the other hand I don't want anything you need to be a CIA cryptogrepher to decode/solve ethier. Thank you for any ideas.


MT CatRancher

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I've been thinking of a puzzl cache that involves an actual jigsaw puzzle

I did a cache which used jigsaw puzzles as waypoints, but there's two points I'd make, based on that experience:


1- Don't overdo it. The cache I did had half a dozen or so jigsaws, and I was getting sick of them!


2- In the cache description, make a point that a book or other flat item will be a useful item. A jigsaw puzzle without something to assemble it on is more of a pain that (I assume) you intended it to be.

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