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I found this web site where you can design custom covers for you phones and PDAs and such. I asked about covers for GPSs and got a reply from customer service.

Thank you for contacting the myTego Customer Center. We

currently don't have

any GPS devices available on our site. The best thing you

can do is put in a

device request. Click the "My Device is Not Listed Here" at

the bottom of

any device list. That way we know that this is something

our customers want.

We will endeavor to obtain the device so we can create a

template for it and

you will be e-mailed once we have that device available.


I am going to submit my Garmin Map76. I imagine if enough of us ask they might put something together.


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:grin: Just saw something at Office Depot this morning sort of similar for iPods. They were printable "tatoos" that you could print a design on and then apply. If you are into DIY, you might want to eyeball them and see what they are made out of.


I enjoy making half-a**ed, goofy, homemade stuff and you might too! :grin:



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