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Error Message On Gpsmap 60csx

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I just got my unit in the other day and today was the first day out with it to locate caches. I am getting an error message on my gpsr. When I want to locate a cache and tell it to "GO TO" it comes up with the error "ROUTE CALCULATION ERROR NO ROADS NEAR STARTING POINT".

How can I fix this problem, I have tried everything, I think.

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That is because it can't find a road to start from. You either do not have maps loaded, or the maps do not have routing data. If you tell it to draw an "off road" route it will draw a straight line from where you are to the waypoint.


If you have Metroguide, it will not route on the GPS.


If you have City Select or City Navigator, you need to make sure the little checkbox on the "maps" tab (in Mapsource) is selected prior to uploading your mapping data.


(Disclaimer: this info is for a 60cs, but it should apply to the 60csx)

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It is all my fault. This weekend I went through it and seen where I had set it to "FOLLOW ROAD". When I change it back to "OFFROAD" everything worked great. <_< HAD A GREAT WEEKEND GEOCACHING! :ph34r:

Thanks for everyones help.

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