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Trying To Form Military Or Family Of Military Grp

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Greetings all, I'm trying to get a GeoCaching Group started of military members and thier families. It would primarily be US and our allies. We could support one another when TDY to where ever it is we go by locals who know the area going on "Joint exercises" into the wilds of local geocaching. Also, when the enevitable deployments occur, our family members can keep spirits up by joining together in GeoCaching while we are off doing our job. Your thoughts, or possible list of those interested enough to join. :D

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I think especially for us that live near military bases/posts we tend to forget the singles. While I agree inviting the families of those deployed and those deployed to go caching, I think we need to remember those single cachers that move to a new duty location not knowing anyone and knowing what's around. Sometimes it takes a personal invite to them so they don't feel that they're invading your family time. Besides it's some much more fun when you're with someone caching!



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Terri and Billy,

I concur! I remember being a single airman stationed on Okinawa and often feeling like the "odd man out". Hopefully if we get a group of caches together we can be there for the single soldier, sailor or airman that is wanting to do something with thier "down time"

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