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Gps Retailers In Toronto Area

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Hey all,


I've managed to lose my RINO so I'm in need of a new GPS! I went out today to buy a new one and low and behold my usual stomping grounds (Durham Radio and Radio World) were closed by the time I got there (drove out to Radio World and found out it was closed, was smart enough to use my PDA to check the hours on Durham Radio from Radio World's parking lot :D). Both of these places are closed on Sundays.


Anyone know of a decent place open sundays in Toronto to go? Both Walmart and Canadian tire are options but I'm hoping for something else (they both have the legend colour I'm thinking of getting for 100 dollars more then the above competitors, so I wanna use them as a last resort).


Any suggestions would be great. I'm central in the city so really up for driving anywhere in the GTA.


Thanks guys!

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I haven't been to Le Baron in Mississauga for some time but they had a pretty good selection of Garmin a few years ago. The other would be Pro Bass up on hwy 400 in that new mall near Wonderland. They also have a good selection to choose from. You could probably see prices on their websites to see who is the most competitive.


Cheers, Olar

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The absolute best price you'll get is from Canadian Tire, as long as they carry the unit you want. Take advantage of their price match guarantee...They'll match the lowest price you can verify, PLUS they'll give you 10% of the price in Cdn Tire money. NOT 10% of the difference in price...a full 10% of the price. Depending on what model you choose, this could mean an extra 20 to 50 bucks in your pocket.


Don't take NO for an answer...some of the Cdn Tire managers are reluctant to offer the price match, but they are bound by policy to do so.



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