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Someone At Groundspeak Is Either A Pervert, Or Has

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You saw the word 'sex' and thought 'pervert'? :)


Is sex suddenly bad now?

Let's see ... your forum title is 'Throbbing Member' and you like to be known as Criminal. Now, what was your question ... :D


BTW, whats wrong with being a pervert (as long as it's not illegal)? I'm convinced my wife thinks I'm a pervert. Many times she looks at me, shakes her head and rolls her eyes wishing she had married the med. student back in college... :D

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From the guidelines:

Food items are ALWAYS a BAD IDEA. Animals have better noses than humans, and in some cases caches have been chewed through and destroyed because food items (or items that smell like food) are in the cache. Even the presence of mint flavored dental floss has led to destruction of one cache.
No matter what has been suggested do not attach this TB to a fish and put it in a cache. Fish in a cache is a bad idea, and sex with a fish is most certainly perverted, unless you are another fish. :mad: Sex with a TB would probably be perverted too. Informal polls are only good for catching informal fish. you could never catch penguin bait with one.


A college friend of mine did do that (drop dead fish) into a safety deposit box at a bank that denied a loan application. He then dropped the key down the storm drain on the way out of the bank. I think of him whenever I'm reaching into one for a magnetic keyholder to find a cache now. :mad:

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