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I'm lost!
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I'v down loaded the EasyGPS program and have no map on the right screen and don't know where to look for one? :lol:


I also would like to know how you keep all of the waypoints together on one page, I downloaded 2 and ended up with 2 different files. ;)


If anyone can help it would be greatly apprecaited. :DB)



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I'm in agreement w/ Chuy re: no maps on the right side of EasyGPS.


I only know one way of downloading coordinates for several caches into an EasyGPS file at one time. That is done by using the little check boxes on the right hand side of the Search Results page after you've done a search. Check the boxes of each cache you want to look for and then go to the bottom of the page and click on the Download Waypoints button. That will download all those coordinates, but I think it only works on one page of search results at a time, i.e., you can't select caches on three different pages and have them all download at once.


Another way I occasionally use is described in my post on this discussion.

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Thanks for the replies. :mad:


I have been messing around with it. I made a file so every time I download one I don't get an icon on my desktop. Yet I don't understand why if know I download say 10 waypoints, then later I come back and download 10 more way I can't get them to go onto the same page as the last 10?


I don't want to have a page for every time I download, I want them all saved on one page.


So it might look like this.









these may have been saved first. then I come back and save







all on one page not 2 pages of files, all one page.


Should I just get the Gsak can that to what I would like it to, alomg with a map so I can have an idea of where I am going as far as streets an parks.


and when plan a day can you set up routes to load into the GPS I have sporttrack map. I would like to set it up so if I want to do any number of caches I can do them in an ordely fashion. Lets say I found 1 then from there I want to go to

2 while bieng guided from where 1 was found, so-on and so-on.


Sorry for all the ? :ph34r::ph34r:

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I cannot get any map out of this new EasyGPS version!

Should it show a map or just the waypoints relative to each other?

What mapserver is it using? Or does it use Mapsource (which I don't have)?


For me it looks like a strange feature, but maybe someone can explane the use of it...



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here is what i found out about the maps in easygps.. its suppose to look like that.. if you want an actual map, you have to buy and download expertgps.. so its suppose to be blank.. so why they added this feature i don't know, but that is how its suppose to be.. hope this helps.. here is the email respose i got from the tech who helped me


Hello Lindsey,


Sunday, January 29, 2006, 4:15:52 PM, you wrote:


LB> Am sorry i can not find this file, it is not there! i have not seen

it anywhere! But that is not my problem.. The maps, in the screen where

suppose to be at is just a blank screen, is it suppose

LB> to be like that or is there a map of streets that are there, or



That's what you are supposed to see. EasyGPS plots your GPS data over

a white background. If you want to see your GPS plotted over topo

maps, aerial photos, or your own scanned trail maps, try




Dan Foster

TopoGrafix - GPS Software, Waypoints, and Maps


*ignore the part about a file*

Hope this helps you!

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:o I had the same problem with EasyGPS and scratched it and downloaded GSAK too. It is pretty neat, but I do notice my Explorist 210 seems to freeze up a little bit with it. I don't have alot of waypoints saved in and it seems a little coincidental that it should be freezing now that GSAK is being used. Anyone have this same problem?
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:lol: Actually crack head has one up on EasyGPS. He build a cool little program that takes LOC or GPX files and plots them on Google Earth for free. If I'm not mistaken it will work for everyone including NON-US Cachers. :wacko:

Getting files over to google earth isn't to bad, drag and drop. What I'd be interested in is a program that changes the GEOcache file # to the cache name when you download to the GPS or Goggle Earth?

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