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Geocaching: Secret Online Society


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I am fairly new to the world of geocaching and I was hoping that maybe some of the veterans can help me out with this. For my research writing class I am doing a research paper on geocaching with an emphasis on how widespread it has become with still most people never hearing of it. I believe that is the main reason many of us do it. It's something the muggles do not know about and often pass everyday without noticing. I can't go as far as to compare us to Yale's Skull and Bones, or even the Freemasons, but I was wondering if any of you has any input on this topic.

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Although geocaching is not a secret society, I believe that many of the players fantasize that it is. Just by reading the associated forums and logs of caches, it is apparent that many of us (geocachers) even believe that the hobby is underground. After all, we use secret identities and we hide things in places that others may pass. Many of us take great pleasure in cheating the muggles.


Most of those who haven’t heard about geocaching just haven’t yet stumbled onto the phenomenon. Maybe they don’t read the papers, or maybe they just skip over what they believe to be trivial. That is changing rapidly with the increasing popularity of the hobby, and the media is reacting accordingly.


When I first was introduced to this madness, I did indeed perceive it as a sort of secret society. Now that I know better, I still fantasize that it is. That is one of the charms of our little game.


Please don’t tell anybody. :lol::lol:

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As far I know, Geocaching doesn't or pretend to influence national policies, and we don't have "fronts" to influence young minds on college campuses. :lol::lol:


Well, Jeremy does joke about World Domination once in a while, but that's off-topic.


I suggest a visit to a local hobby shop to see all the different interests represented there. Geocaching is something along that line. As with hobbies, there's commercialism involved, so there will be marketing and media coverage when appropriate.

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As a Mason I can assure you that we are not a secret society...

Yeah the Freemasons are no secret, but the next time you need some aging brickwork tuckpointed and you're short of dough, you'll appreciate the value of having a good

"free mason" in the family.


When muggles come up do you try to hide what you're doing? Or do you invite them to sign the log and trade trinkies?

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Geocaching a secret society? I thought so when I heard about it and then just a few months alter, I don't think so. What changed my mind?


Picture this: I am out with two of my students, showing them how to find a geocache, and a sweet little old lady walking her dog in the park asked us if we were "playing that satellite game"


Just a few months after that, my husband and I were looking for a cache when a policeman pulled up to see what we were doing. When his backup arrived, he told him that we were "just playing one of those GPS games"


Nah, apparently everyone knew about it except me!

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We have taken friends with us many times, we got our son into it and got him his own GPS for Christmas.


As for what to tell mugglers? It depends on the muggler. If it is kids - probably not.


But once there was a couple in the park and they asked what we were doing and we took them with us, let them sign the log book and all that.


You really have to decide for yourself if they are interested or if they will destroy the cache.


I look at it like this - the more people who know the better chance of participation. The more that participate the more caches that will be set. the more fun it will be for everyone.


So why would we even want to be a secret society? Well, maybe it would be ok if we all had secret decoder rings or something like that.... :lol:

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Just because we hide metal ammunition boxes filled with esoteric items in strange place places and skulk about peering at hand held electronic equipment while trying to hide our activities from other people? What would you think is secret about that?



I don't know, but change that scenerio ever so slightly, and you'll find youself in the slammer ... :lol:

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I try to be sneaky about it :lol: but if someone ask what i am doing i don't lie about or try to hide the fact.. i tell them about it and if they are interested i give them the website and tell them to check it out... Its fun... and when am out in a place i never been to and i forgot to check for caches, i wonder if there are any there, Also i love catching a cacher who is out caching, cuz its funny to watch them for a while wondering about with the gps in hand, then you go up to them and just start asking questions, its fun.. But back on topic, I never try to hide the fact that i cache i just don't broadcast it when am out caching and there ar muggles about, cuz i don't want the cache to be compromize... hope this helped

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I hate to ask in the forums, but I did not get my Rolex and fat bank account. Also my position of power has fell through...what gives? :lol:

I overtook your power, DUH


Ok seriously ssecret online society makes it seem like we are some sort of deep hidden group that conduct secret type things behind close doors...<b> WRONG</b>


CITO, GeoWoodstock 1, 2, 3, and 4 soon coming, geocaching for boy scouts, girl scouts, in school from elem all the way to college level.


This is not some secret society this is a great hobby for just about everyone.

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I hate to ask in the forums, but I did not get my Rolex and fat bank account. Also my position of power has fell through...what gives? 


We left it in the alley, dang man we gave you coordinates!!! You coulden't find them!!


(I'll drop them off in my navy blue helicopter, They were out of black ones :lol: )

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When I first found out about this game, it was like wow. I never knew this was happening under my nose... :lol:


I like the fact that others don't know. And as usual it seems I found about it on the edge of its overwhelming popularity. I know that in a year or so when the popularity dies I will still want to find the cache. ;)

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